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2015 António Champalimaud Vision Award

Published: 24.07.2014

The Champalimaud Foundation is inviting nominations and applications for the €1 million 2015 António Champalimaud Vision Award.

The annual António Champalimaud Vision Award will be presented in 2015 to groups with outstanding contributions towards the prevention and alleviation of blindness and visual impairment, primarily in developing countries. 

The award is directed to groups actively involved in fighting blindness and visual impairment in the field, and is based on the candidate’s accomplishments. Champalimaud Foundation poster

Candidates will be considered by a distinguished international jury for quality and distinction of their initiative; their achievements and measurable impact of their pursuit; and enduring amplifying effects of their activities. 

The award may be used in any way that furthers the outstanding contributions of the recipients. 

The deadline for submissions is 31st of December, 2014.

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