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Published: 31.01.2023
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January 15, 2023 – The Association of Licensed Optometry Professionals (APLO), with 1.402 members, was declared a Public Utility Entity by the Council of Ministers of the Government of Portugal.

The State Secretariat de Estado of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers stresses that “APLO has developed, since its constitution in 1998, relevant activities of general interest in the field of health promotion and protection, namely in its cooperation with INFARMED, the University of Beira Interior and the Superior Institute of Social Communication, in the pursuit of health promotion and defense”.

Raúl Sousa, president of APLO, considers this distinction “an official recognition of the national importance of the mission that the association carries out”, stating that “this is the ideal start in 2023 for the largest professional class of eye care providers in Portugal.” APLO, being the professional association representing Portuguese Optometrists, and in its role of self-regulation, ensures that the public is receiving eye care with quality and safety, provided by an Optometrist trained to do so, by Portuguese public universities.

“We are all to be congratulated! It is with great honor and pride that we receive the Statute of Public Utility, and that motivates us even more to defend the rights and interests of optometrists, as well as the eye health of all Portuguese. If there were still doubts, you are sure that, more than ever, the identification of the Optometrist as a Member of the APLO through his identification card and prescription model, protects his vision and his rights as users and consumers.”, he stressed.

The order, signed by the State Secretary of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, André Moz Caldas, was published in Diário da República on December 28 and gives APLO the Statute of Public Entity for a period of 10 years.

About APLO

The Association of Licensed Optometry Professionals (APLO) represents Optometrists, the largest professional class of eye care providers, in Portugal. It currently has about 1. 400 members. APLO is a member of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness. For more information, see: