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Published: 28.07.2015

Prof Brien Holden

Prof Brien Holden – extraordinary scientist, and a champion for eye health and optometry services across the world – passed away on 27 July 2015.

His immense contributions to vision research and his passion for eliminating avoidable blindness and vision impairment always went hand in hand. He worked with a variety of partners across geographies to help deliver ‘vision for everyone, everywhere’.

Prof Holden was always generous with his time and support for IAPB, and has been a part of the IAPB board for more than a decade. The success of many IAPB initiatives, including the latest WHO Global Action Plan and the 9th General Assembly, was made possible by his unflinching support. Indeed, he has been generous with his support for the 10th General Assembly as well. “Brien Holden cared deeply for eye health, especially where it was most needed. His work will continue to impact many millions – especially his initiatives for training, data-gathering and advocacy. Brien will be missed”, said Joanna Conlon, Director of Development and Communication, IAPB.

Bob McMullan, President, IAPB, said “He was an inspiration to me and many others for his combination of science, humanitarian commitment and financial acumen. He was the person for whom the phrase “larger than life” might have been created.”

IAPB and many of our members have worked very closely with the Institute he helped found – the Brien Holden Vision Institute. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

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