My Involvement in Aboriginal Vision Programmes

Brien Holden Vision Institute Project Manager, Aboriginal Vision NSW
Organisation: Brien Holden Vision Institute

On International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, Colina Waddell, Brien Holden Vision Institute Project Manager, Aboriginal Vision NSW writes about her work with Aboriginal community. I feel privileged to have worked for the past 17 years with Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services in the state of New South Wales on the East coast of Australia.…

Closing the gap in Indigenous Eye Health in Australia

On International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples Prof Hugh Taylor writes about his work with Indigenous Eye Health in Australia. Background I first started working on trachoma and issues around the eye health of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Islander people as a young ophthalmologist in 1976 when I worked as the assistant director of the National…

Trachoma in the Western Pacific – end in sight

Regional Program Manager, IAPB Western Pacific
Organisation: IAPB

Screening for trachoma in Papua New Guinea Through strong collaborations and evidence, several governments in the Western Pacific can now claim trachoma is no longer a public health problem. For many more, trachoma elimination is in sight. So where are we with trachoma in the Western Pacific? A national assessment of trachoma conducted in Lao…

Australia loses sight of International Aid Commitments

Organisation: VISION 2020 Australia

To say the last 12 months have been disappointing for the Australian aid sector is a gross understatement. The Australian Government’s May Federal Budget delivered the biggest single-year cut to foreign aid in Australia’s history, a move that has undoubtedly hurt the country’s international reputation. The Budget revealed $1 billion–20 per cent of Australia’s current…

Australia funds its first ‘National Eye Health Survey’

Organisation: VISION 2020 Australia

This is great news from Australia. The following post is an abridged version of Jennifer Gersbeck’s full post on the Vision 2020 Australia website. UPDATE: China and Philippines are also preparing national surveys of blindness, writes Damian Facciolo, IAPB Western Pacific We’re often told that governments strongly support this initiative or that programme, but sometimes…

First ‘National Eye Health Survey’ gets funding in Australia

Communications Manager
Organisation: IAPB

Australia is one step closer to eliminating blindness and vision impairment following a Federal Government funding announcement for a major survey that will map the prevalence of eye conditions nationally. In what is a first for Australia, a National Eye Health Survey has been given a $1.126 million funding injection by the Minister for Health…