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#BreakTheBias in eye health together: Envisioning a movement of inclusive collaboration Blog | Published: 7th March 2022
To Do list for Gender Equity in Eye Health For the Decade Blog | Published: 7th March 2022
WHO’s report on Gender Equity in Global Health and Care workforce gaps and strategies Blog | Published: 7th July 2021
We need to be a force for change today, not tomorrow! A review of the 65th United Nations Commission on the Status of Women Blog | Published: 14th April 2021
Women healthcare providers & uptake of primary eye care services: A healthcare intervention Blog | Published: 16th March 2021
Jennifer Gersbeck & Dr Jane Goodall for IWD2021 Blog

Jennifer Gersbeck, Gender Equity Working Group Co-Chair and Director of Global Partnerships and Advocacy at the Fred Hollows Foundation, presented as part of an eminent panel which included Dr Jane Goodall and Jessica Smith OAM. | Published: 16th March 2021
Good eye care unlocks pathways to leadership for women and girls Blog | Published: 15th March 2021
Challenging representation in eye health leadership Blog | Published: 15th March 2021
Empowering women as leaders in global eye health Blog | Published: 8th March 2021
International Women’s Day 2021 in the Western Pacific: Women Leaders in Eye Health Blog | Published: 5th March 2021
Building Back Equal Means It’s Time to Do Better Blog

Building Back Equal Means It’s Time to Do Better. Clare Szalay Timbo on our Build Back Equal webinar. | Published: 9th December 2020
Hope In Sight: ‘Build Forward Faster’ Blog

Why the eye health sector must ‘Build Forward Faster’ when it comes to gender and eye health globally. | Published: 8th October 2020