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World Environment Day 2022


What you can do to ensure environmentally sustainable practices in the eye health sector.

Eye health and gender equity in the context of climate change


UN Friends of Vision Side Event for The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

The event focused on the intersection between vision, gender and climate change and our call for the urgent need to dismantle sociocultural barriers that contribute to keeping women and girls trapped in poverty.

IAPB Webinar: Digital Technologies & COVID-19


2030 In Sight: Sustainable eye health systems and business models


Nicola Lister

Nicola Lister, Chief Medical Officer, Corporate Affairs & Global Health at Novartis explains how Novartis want to work with high impact coalitions to build sustainable eye health systems and business models.

2030 In Sight: Models of NGO-private partnership


Reade Fahs

Reade Fahs, CEO of National Vision, describes an example and different models of NGO-private partnership and explains how necessary the private sector is to achieving our shared goals.

2030 In Sight: Shared goals of NGOs and the private sector


Reade Fahs

Reade Fahs, CEO of National Vision, outlines their goals and philanthropic work and notes the increasingly shared goals of NGOs and the private sector.

More about the WHO Eye Care Competency Framework


Mitasha Yu

Mitasha Yu explains more about the WHO Eye Care Competency Framework (ECCF), a tool that will assist with maintaining an effective eye care workforce.

Gender Equity Webinar: Diverse voices drive better eye health


This webinar covers applying an intersectionality lens – the way factors such as race, class, gender, and other identities combine to affect lived experiences differently – to ensure we illuminate, track and monitor inequities in eye health.

Policy dialogues and IPEC resources


Junu Shrestha

Eye Health & Climate Action: Responsible Consumption & Production


This virtual event calls upon the sector to mitigate its carbon footprint, reduce its environmental impact and support climate resilience.

Advocacy to Action: Integrating vision into the SDGs


This webinar brought together leaders from within and beyond the eye health sector to discuss the positioning of eye health as an integral part of the development agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Universal Health Coverage and Eye Health: New Targets for a New Decade


This webinar reviews eye health as part of Universal Health Coverage and the implementation of two new ambitious global targets for 2030.