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WHO Eye Care in Health Systems: Guide for Action Available Now!

  • Package of Eye Care Interventions
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Eye care in health systems: guide for action (WHO)

The Guide outlines strategies and approaches proposed by WHO that provide practical, step-by-step support to Member States in the planning and implementation of integrated people-centred eye care (IPEC).

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Eye Care Indicator Menu (WHO)

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Eye care competency framework (WHO)

The Eye Care Competency Framework is a critical tool through which the required workforce can be planned and developed.

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Integrated People-Centred Eye Care (IPEC): Understanding Before Advocating

Junu Shrestha

  • Integrated people-centred eye care
Time to learn


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Bangladesh: Fresh evidence on Blindness and Visual Impairment

Yuddha Sapkota

  • Bangladesh,
  • Eye health data
More about the WHO Eye Care Competency Framework


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Mitasha Yu

Mitasha Yu explains more about the WHO Eye Care Competency Framework (ECCF), a tool that will assist with maintaining an effective eye care workforce.


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A New Chapter in Vision Health in Brazil

  • Brazil,
  • Optometry