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2021 in Review – Knowledge Management – The Year of Working Virtually

Published: 23.11.2021
Knowledge Team IAPB
School eye health

2021 has been a virtual year for many and it is no different for the IAPB Knowledge Team. Online platforms have enabled us to reach and engage different audiences across the whole year. In a year that has been so difficult for many people, being virtual allowed us to connect on a wonderful journey with so many of our members, partners and collaborators connecting and sharing knowledge online.

Our team highlights this year centre on the different audiences we have been privileged to engage with and highlight the cross cutting/underpinning role that knowledge plays across advocacy, best practice and campaigns:

UN Ambassadors, Members of National Eye Care Committees

  • The year began with the virtual launch of the IAPB Vision Atlas at the UN Friends of Vision. It was a privilege to present the Vision Atlas to over 400 people and it was fabulous to hear Ambassador Rabab Fatima and Ambassador Byrne-Nason refer to the evidence from the VA in their addresses at the event. We now have the clip from Ambassador Byrne-Nason as a resource in the Gender Equity pages. It was also a privilege to launch the Vision Atlas in the Western Pacific and in China.
  • Have you seen the video narratives, downloads and insights that you can use and share on the Atlas? A big shout out to Michael & Anthea for their incredible efforts to deliver and showcase the Vision Atlas.

Members, Patrons, Partners, Collaborators

  • Over 1500 people from more than 50 countries joined us in online learning sessions over the year; Advocacy to Action, Focus On Glaucoma, Focus on Diabetes and SEA Learning Series. A huge thanks to the 83+ experts that contributed their time to make each session interesting and engaging. The highlight of many sessions were the insightful Q & A discussions with the audiences. A huge thanks to Jissa, Rachael & Yuddha for leading and delivering such successful learning programs.
  • Work groups, led by members, produced valuable resources and sector guidance in 2021. I encourage everyone to look at the updated Gender Equity Toolkit & sector survey results, DR screening fundus camera specs and COVID-19 & DR survey and the Climate Action – Guide, Call to Action & Presentation.

General Public

  • The overwhelming interest on social media around 4Ps to love your eyes, and over 2000 downloads of the 4P Good Eye Health Guide and Education Pack for World Sight Day was a bonus highlight for the year. Thanks to Rizwana and Jissa for developing the 4Ps which resonated so well with the public.

As always, thank you to the sponsors of the Vision Atlas, Learning Programmes and World Sight Day for your support and engagement in delivering the Knowledge programs of work.

With the launch of 2030 In Sight, 2022 is already shaping up to be a busy year! We are looking forward to having a more hybrid year where the Knowledge journey will be through both face to face and online events with a focus on engagement and exchange of knowledge. We look forward to connecting with the network at 2030 In Sight LIVE in Dubai in March, robust discussions, and collaborations in online regional workshops as part of Advocacy to Action 2022, continued engagement with the work groups and expanding the Vision Atlas & Knowledge Hub to include easy to find evidence needed for 2030 In Sight.

Image on top: School eye health/Nwakuso Aruotu