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How to Convince Your Boss to Send you to 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE

Published: 13.02.2024
Becki Perryman Events Manager
A group of people on stage at 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE

Dreaming of attending the 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE in Mexico this June? Not sure how to get the idea across the line? We are here to help. 

2030 IN SIGHT LIVE stands as a pivotal point where leaders, like you, come together to shape our collective efforts. Use our winning strategy to convince your manager to invest in this experience for your professional development to the organisations benefit.  

Emphasize learning opportunities that align with your KPI’s. The evolving programme has learning opportunities for everyone, from programme and research staff to communications and technology teams. Offering valuable insights and skills shared through sessions and engaging workshops, find the ones that relate to your position and objectives. 

Propose 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE as an opportunity to gather the team off-site. Why go alone when you can bring the whole team? Pitch the idea of turning the event into an organisation offsite. Whether your team operates remotely, in a hybrid model, or on-site, fostering team bonding is always beneficial. Imagine returning with a team that’s not only more connected but also geared up to boost the company’s overall performance. It’s a win-win situation! 

Share personal success stories. If you’ve attended 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE before, leverage that experiences to showcase the professional growth and impact on your work. Detail how the event helped you acquire and refine skills highly valued by your boss. Connect the dots between your boss’s priorities and the benefits of your attendance. Emphasize how the networking opportunities at 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE can open doors to fresh ideas and collaborations. 

Align 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE with organisational goals. Position attending 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE as more than an individual growth opportunity—it’s a strategic investment for the company. Illustrate how the event can contribute to achieving specific organisational objectives.  

Submit your request early. Seek approval and seek it early. In our experience the sooner you initiate a conversation with your boss, the more positive the outcome. Be prepared to articulate the long-term benefits for both you and the organisation. Remember that your boss might need time to secure approval from other decision-makers. Submit your request early, allowing ample time for thoughtful consideration. 

By strategically highlighting the educational, team-building, and strategic advantages of attending 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE, you’re sure to make a compelling case for your boss to send you to this transformative event. 

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