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Published: 12.05.2021
Rachael Bourke Membership Services Manager

In April we held our third virtual Board meeting that ran over two days. It was by far the largest Board meeting on record, with over 50 attendees. We were joined by our newly elected Board members who observed the meeting and participated in the discussions that took place. This was a particularly important meeting for many reasons. Firstly, this was the final meeting of the outgoing Board of Trustees. We said goodbye to some of our long-standing Board members who have consistently demonstrated incredible commitment and unwavering support within their roles and played an integral part in activities that have helped shaped the sector.

This Board meeting was also critical in discussing the Post VISION 2020 initiative “2030 In Sight: Ending avoidable sight loss” as we look to finalize the sector’s strategy that sets out our approach over the next 10 years.

Other highlights from the meeting included the adoption of the Climate Action Working Group’s Call to Action and guide which offers Ministries of Health, NGOs and their partners, healthcare providers and health professionals, 11 simple steps to get started in embedding environmental sustainability into their policies, projects and operations. This guide was launched on Earth Day on 22 April.

The Gender Equity Working Group gave an update on their progress and activities which includes the development of its workplan and communications plan for 2021. Following on from last year’s survey that asked if, and how organisations are prioritising gender equity during the pandemic, a second one will be sent to all members later this year, which we encourage you to participate in.

Alarcos Cieza, Unit Head, WHO, presented on the WHO’s work building on the recommendations of the World Report on Vision, which focused on the global eye care indicators and targets which will be proposed for adoption at the 74th World Health Assembly.

The meeting drew to a close with an update on our World Sight Day strategy which will be launched in the coming weeks so please keep an eye out for further details!