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Published: 08.02.2024
Peter Holland CEO
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2030 In Sight is a systems change strategy. To achieve the goal of ending avoidable sight loss by 2030 and ensuring accessible and affordable services for everyone, everywhere, the eye health sector needs to work differently.  

We need to move away from vertical ways of working, siloed within health systems and not only integrate eyecare throughout health systems, but also demonstrate the role eye health has to play in other sectors and settings.    

To do this, we need to nurture new and existing leadership within the sector and invest in developing the skills and capabilities needed to work in this different way.  

To address this, IAPB is undertaking a new programme of work to champion and support systems leadership development across the eye health sector. We will be conducting research and mapping, exploring partnership and collaboration opportunities, and piloting capability building initiatives.  

This programme of work will be led by Anna McKeon, Director of Capability Building. Anna has been with us over the last year as Director of Policy, Strategy, and Advocacy and is shaping this new role to explore the most effective ways for IAPB to contribute to leadership development for 2030 In Sight.  

The first of these initiatives will be the Young Systems Leader Awards – due to launch in February. This award is an opportunity to celebrate the work of early-career eye health professionals who demonstrate an aptitude and motivation to drive a systems mindset through their work. I’m excited to meet the award winners later this year and see how we can support them to develop their careers to drive systems change for eye health.