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World Sight Day 2023 – Can we do it Western Pacific?

Published: 08.08.2023
Rachael Bourke Memberships Services Manager
APB & World Sight Day to Shine a Light on the World of Work

This region smashed it last year!

Globally, some of the highlights included exceeding our target of 5 million sight tests with nearly 7 million pledges to Love Your Eyes, one third of these were pledged by members in the Western Pacific region. Nearly 20 parliamentary screenings took place around the world – including screenings at the Congress of the Philippines, NSW Parliament House in Sydney, Australia and Te Whare Miere in Wellington, New Zealand. There was huge engagement on social media helping us to reach a wider audience than ever before: 11,344 media pieces; 150 million media impressions; 200 million social media impressions. Our photo competition received a record 1,000 submissions across 5 different categories.

So, can we – Team Western Pacific – lead the way again?

This year’s World Sight Day theme is ‘Love Your Eyes at Work’ as we aim to raise awareness to employers of the importance of looking after their employees’ eye health.

There are plenty of ways to get involved this year. Firstly, you can help us reach our incredibly ambitious pledge target of 10 million sight tests and screenings in the 100 days leading up to World Sight Day. Please let us know your organization’s estimate of sight tests/screenings taking place between 4 July – 12 October 2023.

For our Global Challenge, we’re asking members to conduct sight tests and screenings in different workplaces around the world in the lead up to WSD, the more diverse the better! We know that a lot of you already do this, so this will hopefully be a good opportunity to amplify the work that you are doing. Please share the details of your screening with us so that we can celebrate it across our channels on World Sight Day and shine a light on employees in different industries across the world.

We have a wealth of resources for you to utilise for your World Sight Day campaigns, including toolkits; social media tiles; Love Your Eyes Logos in 11 languages; Love Your Eyes glasses; poster builder, and our new workplace resources that can be shared with businesses to encourage them to understand the importance of their employees’ eye health.

Lastly, there is the opportunity to participate in the 8th Annual World Sight Day Photo Competition. Click here to submit your photos into one of our categories.

Please visit our World Sight Day 2023 webpage for more information. If you want to participate in this year’s activations please get in touch with me at [email protected].

So… can we show them how it’s done Western Pacific? Of course we can!