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Daniel Prakash C

Sankara Eye Foundation is a social eye care enterprise with 43 years of presence in community providing eye health services to the underprivileged sections of the society in India. Currently with 11 Hospitals in 8 States across India Sankara has touched 2 Million lives by providing free vision restoration surgeries to rural population of India.

The Human Resources division is an integral part of Sankara. Sankara’s HR initiatives always focus and steer towards developing and integrating our Mission with the employee’s performance. At its core, the HR department’s strategic role is managing employee relations, ensuring high-quality talent acquisition, and ultimately fostering high employee engagement and retention. Mr. Daniel joined Sankara as a fresher in the year 2013. His active involvement and interest in HR process automation has enabled him to successfully implement effective solutions and applications by leveraging technology which had a greater impact in the institution.

Mr. Daniel as a Manager HR has played an important role in deploying Robotics in HR Payroll Operations which is a milestone and made Sankara the first institution to automate the entire payroll process using Robotics Technology. He also extensively worked on the HR Process streamlining by deriving SOPs for complex HR Processes through design thinking which helped the Institution to perform the HR Tasks seamlessly.

With special focus in technology enabled HR process, Daniel has been involved in various research and in developing more sustainable practices in HR vertical. He is also an active member of NIPM. He has been instrumental in developing various IT solutions of different functionalities in the institute.

“Advancement in HR technology have changed the way that HR functions by bringing people, technology and process together resulting in a snowball effect of positivity and paving way for better employee relations. I am honored being part of Sankara. I have grown professionally as an Individual. My initiatives have benefited the institution and our human assets. I was greatly motivated and supported by the organization on my initiatives which enabled me to successfully implement the projects. I am extremely proud to be part of this organization.”

– Daniel Prakash C