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Jeff Soulliere

Jeff Soulliere has helped to create a work environment in OneSight that is positive, optimistic, and encouraging of innovation and high performance. Jeff has brought forward his creative ideas in improving the way he does his job, seeking new work, and creating efficiencies within the department’s operations. Jeff also stands out as an innovative leader in large part due to his outstanding teamwork across our global partnerships.

Jeff has been instrumental in standardizing, planning, and driving efficiency in how our equipment moves from our warehouse to all of the locations across the world where it is needed in OneSight’s charitable vision clinics. Jeff built a planner that pulls together all of our resources in coordination with our ever-changing clinic calendar that shows the availability of our equipment, tools and spare parts. This planner also lays out for Jeff and the team all maintenance required and the timelines associated. Jeff has also developed our equipment planogram within the warehouse. This has brought the team a quick visual and organization of our available resources and has allowed for ease of execution. These operational tools are allowing us to move more quickly and scale in order to support the mission to eradicate the world’s vision crisis.

Jeff worked for many years in a LensCrafters optical lab, learning quickly then leading the team to challenge the status quo. This experience led Jeff to OneSight, where he quickly recognized opportunities to improve our exam support and lab operational processes. Jeff continues to formulate new paths forward; at every step, gathering information, input and insights from his cross-functional partners and building out tools to prepare for tight timelines and successful programmes.

Jeff is not just innovative, he has an outgoing, witty, and exuberant personality that brings out the best in his peers and sets the tone in the workplace. Jeff has created a workplace where his peers are not afraid to recommend new ideas or bring forth potential risks as they work together on the approach forward. Whether that is testing new parts or services, partnering with a new vendor or building resources to support various programming models, Jeff’s innovative approaches have brought forth ways to create operational and scalable processes.

“For many people changing the world is something they can only dream of. For me, I am able to live that dream every day by helping OneSight continue to change lives. By expanding the global training programmes we use to developing and implementing processes and tools, I am able to ensure that our entire team has the resources needed to help the world see. Solving the global vision crisis is constantly evolving and it is my job to make sure we are prepared. I love my role because I am part of global change.”

– Jeff Soulliere