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A summary situational analysis: Children’s eye health needs and services in key states in Nigeria


The purpose of the situational analysis was firstly to review the East Africa experience and deduce lessons to be shared with Nigeria. Secondly in Nigeria, it was to give an overview of existing and potential partners for a consortium approach, provide an overview of resources available to the health and education sectors in key states and make recommendations for priority areas for investment in the development of comprehensive child eye health services including relevant eye care services for within the education and disability sectors.
The study was conducted in 2015 by a three-member team using mainly questionnaires, face to face meetings, review of documents, information on web sites and email correspondence. Based on prior SiB and NGOs projects, presence of tertiary child eye health centres (TCEHC) and the SCB foot print, nine states were selected for field visits and in depth study. Information was collected from key stakeholders- partners, service delivery and training institutions, ministries and international agencies; with a special focus on children, their eye health, education and disability.