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SiB CBM Peru MTR report English version


Programme partners are a group of experienced clinics with the medical quality needed to perform cataract surgeries. The revised results of Visual Acuity after Cataract Surgery are good, with an 85% with a better Visual Acuity.

The most important indicator of the Programme is the number of cataract surgeries performed. Regarding the goal for the July 2014-December 2015 period, there has been a progress of 66%, and 31% of the overall goal (3 years). Even rescheduling the goals, the Programme may not meet them, except the implementation term of the Programme is extended for six months.

Only IPROS Tarapoto has achieved the programmed goal; FUNDAR and DNJ have reached more than 70%, but failed to meet it. AMAZONAS (Bagua), FON (Piura) and CECOM (Trujillo) have only achieved a percentage between 45-59%. With the lowest performance is COMEP Abancay, with only 10% of the proposed goal.