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BBC Radio 4 Appeal with Oti Mabuse to mark WSD

Published: 03.10.2020
Vision Aid Overseas
World Sight Day

Professional dancer Oti Mabuse will present a BBC Radio 4 charity appeal on behalf of Vision Aid Overseas on Sunday 4th October 2020 to help children affected by poverty in Africa get the eye care and spectacles they need to see clearly.

Now a star of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, as a child Oti ‘walked into walls and fell over things.’ Her family realised she couldn’t see clearly. A trip to the local opticians for an eye test resulted in Oti’s first pair of glasses and she recalls.

But Oti understands that for millions of children affected by poverty in countries around the world, access to good quality eye care and glasses is not so easy. That is why she chose to present a national radio appeal for our charity Vision Aid Overseas.

Around 80% of what a child learns is processed through their sight, yet 12 million children worldwide struggle to learn because they struggle to see. And it’s not just learning. Children without clear vision can feel lonely and frustrated, unable to see their friends’ faces, and to play together safely. But the solution already exists. Access to good eye care and glasses.

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