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Global mega star and YouTuber MrBeast gives the gift of sight to 1000

Working with SEE International millions of people around the world have been made aware of the importance of global eye health

Published: 01.02.2023

MrBeast - 1,000 Blind People See For The First Time

A thousand people can now see clearly thanks to an amazing piece of outreach by MrBeast. The YouTuber, has given the gift of sight to 1,000 people with avoidable sight loss around the world, helping with cataract surgeries and other treatment to help restore their sight. This was in collaboration with IAPB member SEE International and their Chief Medical Officer, Dr Jeff Levenson.

The video, which was released on Saturday 28th January, had almost 60 million views within three days and received much praise from across eye health sector as well as bringing the world’s media attention to the importance of avoidable blindness and poor sight.

The video highlights the large numbers of people in the USA and around the world that live with sight loss that could be prevented or treated and shows that the world has the power to change that. MrBeast then uses his own philanthropic approach to pay for 1000 surgeries and treatments as well as gifting beneficiaries with life changing amounts of money.

Cataract is the leading cause of blindness and an important cause of visual impairment across the globe. In the video Dr. Jeff Levenson of SEE International says, “Half of all the blindness in the world is people who need a 10-minute surgery”.

Commenting on the video, Peter Holland, CEO of IAPB said “It is great to see MrBeast and SEE International working together to both restore people’s sight and importantly shine a light on the importance of global eye health. The 2030 in Sight Strategy highlights how important it is to raise the profile of sight loss and eye health to a wider audience, and by working with YouTubers and other influencers we can make more people aware of the importance of eye health.

“As the voice of global eye health, IAPB is proud of our members around the world including SEE International that are working together with global leaders, organisations, and governments to end sight loss and provide accessible, available and affordable eye health to everyone by 2030.”