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Humanitarian Assistance Channels for Ukraine

Published: 09.03.2022

Health Care Support

Access to, and availability of, specialist health care (specifically eye health) is extremely limited for displaced populations. In the wake of active conflict, Disaster Related Diagnoses (DRD) for eye injuries are very common, yet emergency humanitarian response teams rarely include eye care specialists. As a result, injuries are not properly attended, and acute treatable injuries turn into chronic disabilities. Additionally, emergency humanitarian health services often provide communities with specialist healthcare that was unavailable prior to the disaster and there is a large influx of people with Non-Disaster Related Diagnoses (NDRD) seeking out treatment.


Health Cluster in Ukraine:

WHO is the health cluster lead and is coordinating humanitarian response around healthcare in Ukraine. Clusters are groups of humanitarian organizations, both UN and non-UN, in each of the main sectors of humanitarian action, e.g., water, health and logistics. They are designated by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) and have clear responsibilities for coordination.

The Ukraine Health Cluster maintains a log of requests for humanitarian assistance and the partners who are responding, visible through the web-based Health Cluster Referrals Tracking Tool, currently being improved to better respond to the current level of conflict.

UN OCHA are mapping new capacity and partners. If you are working in Health Cluster Related activities, please register your humanitarian organization via this form to get connected with clusters and be part of the response.

Key Contacts:

Dr. Emanuele BRUNI 
World Health Organization
Health Сluster Coordinator
[email protected]
World Health Organization
National Professional Officer (Health Cluster Partnership)
[email protected]
World Health Organization
National Professional Officer (Health Information)
[email protected]
World Health Organization
Public Health Analyst
[email protected]


OCHA Ukraine Humanitarian Response Hub:

OCHA Ukraine Health Cluster Hub:

New Health Cluster Partner Registration:


Health affiliated UN and non UN organizations with a humanitarian presence in Ukraine and surrounding countries are listed on the bottom of the above Health Cluster map. Any of these organizations are accepting donations to support their ability to provide critical health services to Ukrainians. The UN is also pooling donations under the UN Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund and will distribute to the necessary agencies and clusters.

UN Ukraine Humanitarian Fund