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Published: 30.01.2015
The annual MSc Public Health for Eye Care at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine is accepting applications. This course aims to provide eye health professionals with the public health knowledge and skills required to reduce blindness and visual disability in their setting.
The training will enable them to:
  • Develop a public health oriented approach to eye care services and the control of blindness in keeping with the objectives of VISION 2020: The Right to Sight
  • Acquire and apply skills in epidemiological and operational research, critical analysis of strategies for the control of major blinding eye diseases, programme planning, management and evaluation; 
  • Facilitate a personal development, so enabling individuals to contribute more fully to their countries’ and societies’ eye health 
  • Engage with local, national and international networks of health professionals and systems, for the prevention of blindness worldwide.
Students will be expected to have either a degree in medicine or a second class honours degree of a recognised university in science/health related subject. Students are expected to be health care professionals involved in eye care; or to have appropriate technical qualifications and work experience. Early application is encouraged and we recommend applying by March 2015. However, applications are always considered until all places on the course have been filled.
Some scholarships will be available ( Applicants wishing to be considered for scholarships are advised to apply by March 2015. Please note that this is not a closing date. Although we accept applications all year round, other applicants are also advised to apply before this date as courses can become full rapidly. While early applications is encouraged, late applications are always considered until all places on the course have been filled. All applicants should be able to start the course on the first day of the academic year, 28 September 2015.
Please see attached electronic leaflet. For more information on fees, scholarships, course objectives and all other general information please visit the official course website at:
Important Information: LSHTM is continuing with the electronic application system. If you are requesting paper applications there will be a charge. Please view the online application FAQ page: