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Networking / working with Government: Orbis China Shanghai

Published: 17.12.2015

The SIB IV pediatric eye care project has been implemented in the City of Shanghai for more than one year. Orbis has been working closely with the local partner – Shanghai Eye, Ear Nose and Throat Hospital (Shanghai EENT Hospital) – in increasing the availability and accessibility of quality eye care service, by expanding its network to district level hospitals, NICUs, as well as the government-run orphanage in Shanghai.

Our collaboration with the Children’s Welfare Institute (CWI) began in May 2013. CWI is Shanghai’s oldest and largest state run orphanage. During the first five-hour screening at the CWI, the outreach team from Shanghai EENT Hospital was shocked that the kids at the orphanage had various vision problems and rare eye diseases. The diseases included severe astigmatism, congenital glaucoma, cornea diseases, staphyloma, binocular retinoblastoma, Sturge-weber syndrome, and Goldenhar Syndrome.

It was the first time the kids had been diagnosed by eye doctors; therefore the kids were eager to receive quality eye care. Our project provided all kids with severe eye diseases subsidy for surgeries.

To enable the poor kids to receive regular vision training and the best sustainable eye care services, we decided to include the Children’s Welfare Institute (CWI) as the special sub-center of the Shanghai EENT Hospital and established a low vision training center at the CWI with SIB project funding.

Our successful partnership with the CWI won the applause from the local government and the public.

Xu Yang