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Networking / working with Government: PBU Jordan

Published: 17.12.2015

Despite the usual differences in the approaches and models of work between NGOs and governmental institutes, Prevention of Blindness Union has managed to create an exemplary partnership with the Jordanian Ministry of Health. It was clear that the Ministry of Health has acknowledged the Union as an active agent of change in the Jordanian society, and has accordingly been providing assistance and making valuable contributions across the project regions and activities. Careful consideration was given to a wise distribution of responsibilities and tasks, so that each partner is given an area that they can be most effective in, without duplicating efforts, or contradicting approaches.

Just like any partnership, this relationship was challenged at certain points of the project’s life. The differences in their structures, their frames of work, and standard approaches to directing and using of resources were some of the difficulties faced throughout this project.

However, one key point got the Union and the Ministry working together smoothly regardless of their differences, and that was the shared vision. They were both equal partners working towards a mutual goal: Prevention of Blindness.

Wa’d AbuZurayk