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Published: 10.11.2021

We recently announced the imminent retirement of Phil Hoare, our Valued Suppliers Scheme Manager at the end of 2021 and launched a search for his successor.

We are delighted to announce Alexander Melkvierraj will be taking over the role as the new Valued Suppliers Scheme Manager in January 2022.

Alexander brings with him a wealth of experience. Alex has been in the field of eye care for over 12 years. He brings his experience of a decade of procurement and supply of ophthalmic products and consumables in over 100 countries globally. Alex has played a critical role in the evolution of the international marketing group at Aurolab that is dedicated to the mission of eliminating needless blindness. During his association with Aurolab, he was instrumental in developing key relationship in both developing and underdeveloped economies in Africa, Middle East and Asia and also responsible for creating accessibility of eye care products to leading foundations in Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Alex has also spent considerable time in understanding the challenges in making products accessible from a regulatory perspective for different regions and has had the experience of working closely with various regulatory bodies to get appropriate approvals to create accessibility to eye care products.

Alex will be starting at the beginning of January 2022 and all of us at IAPB welcome him.