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Published: 22.12.2017

Orbis logo Orbis Shanghai World Sight Day events

As one of 2017 World Sight Day activities, Orbis organized an blindfold lunch and an eye care workshop with Standard Chartered Bank staff on October 27 in Shanghai.  A 60-minute talk and question sections was provided by an ophthalmologist from Orbis’s partner hospital.

The Orbis Blindfold Lunch gives SCB staff an opportunity to experience the lives and difficulty of the blind by wearing an eye mask and get to understand that it is a blessing to have the right of sight. During the Blindfold Lunch, staff will experience the challenges faced in the daily lives of the visually-impaired, who are unable to see the food in front of them, or get some water.  It also allows SCB staff to learn about SiB project and eye care health knowledge.

This activity was held successfully in 2016 as well and received great feedbacks from SiB staff.

I’d like to share Orbis’s other WSD events this year.

October 9 – 15, 2017, Orbis organized a photo exhibition and showed Orbis’s sight saving program photos in Shanghai Crystal Gallery Shopping Center.

October 12 – Nov 12, 2017, World Sight Day, Orbis partnered with JCDecaux Shanghai Bus Media and BiliBili (China’s biggest anime, comics and pop-culture site) to promote eye health on 50 buses. The buses are on the roads from October 12 to Nov 12 in central areas of Shanghai, with the eye health promotion messages on both sides.

November 3, Orbis partnered with Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention Center and JCDecaux Shanghai Bus Media and organized a public eye care promotion and screening event in People Square, Shanghai (downtown Shanghai).

Wally Yu

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Associate Director of Development

Orbis China