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Standard Chartered Bank Skill Based Employee Volunteering in Zimbabwe

Published: 21.12.2017

CBM logoEmployees from the SCB IT department volunteered to develop a patient management system (database). The database was unveiled on the 21st of August during a training where the eye unit coordinators and ophthalmologists participated. The session allowed for comments and recommendations to improve the system. The unit coordinators were tasked to practice data entry while the system was being upgraded.

The second phase of the database training took place during the 1st week of October. The system allows the units to generate queries and reports based on the units’ requirements and is expected to strengthen the patient referral system from the provinces to SKH. The database was installed during the training by the SCB IT staff on the lap-tops used by the coordinators in the three eye units.

The unit coordinators will be responsible for uploading the data and generating queries. This data is linked to the patients’ record system. In order to make data entry comprehensive a patient register was developed to capture patient information.

The database has a provision for entering information for a new patient and for viewing or modifying patient records. The patient management system will complement the manual filing system for paediatric patients.

Most importantly, the system will generate patient lists and reports through the query analysis. The system has a mask for diagnosis, treatment, medical drugs and surgery.

The drop-down lists on diagnosis and treatment including surgery will hopefully reduce the number of errors in data-entry. Through the query system reports and patient lists can be generated and used for setting appointments, follow-ups and referral of patients thereby strengthening coordination.

The SCB marketing department was involved in the branding design for the project vehicle and signage for SKH children’s eye unit. The branding and signage will improve accessibility and raise awareness on the project.

Deborah Tigere
[email protected]
Programme Manager
CBM Zimbabwe