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Published: 18.02.2016

The L’OCCITANE Foundation, in partnership with the IAPB and the ICO, is launching two L’OCCITANE Sight Awards. Two grants of €50,000 each this year will be dedicated to fight avoidable blindness in developing countries, for research and innovation.

  • A prize of 50,000€ awarded to an ophthalmologist every two years to honor their work and give them the opportunity to increase their research’s impact.
  • Let’s innovate! For the first time, a prize of 50,000€ to support innovators and their pioneering projects to give better access to quality eyecare in developing countries.

Apply now!

The applications are open now until May 10th 2016 on the Foundation website: More information at [email protected]. Spread the word!

Dr. Volker Klauss was awarded in 2011 to enable him to continue his work to fight blindness in Africa. In 2014, Dr. Clare Gilbert was honored for her research project in India whose results help improving programs internationally for refractive errors on school children.

Union for Vision

Through its programme, UNION FOR VISION, L’OCCITANE is committed to fight avoidable blindness worldwide. To date, more than 2 million people have received eyecare thanks to the L’OCCITANE Foundation’s support around the world.

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L'OCCITANE Sight Awards