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Using Multi-channels to Raise Awareness of Child Eye Health

Published: 17.12.2015

Apart from advocating for government and multi-sectors to provide support in such as co-issuing official documents at all levels of project areas to enhance support and awareness, SiB V Shanxi Project has also been working hard to raise awareness of child eye health through multi-channel such as:

  1. Holding promotion events (e.g. health talks in schools, free eye check-up/refraction service for children in hospitals or public place) on specific dates such as National Eye Day (6th June) or Children’s Day (1st June), World Sight Day
  2. Collaborating with governmental sectors such as Bureau of Health (BOH), Bureau of Education (BOE) and Disable People’s Federation (DPF) to train maternal & child health workers, teachers at regular school and special schools, rehabilitation workers, and staff in social welfare institutions in pre-school screening, school screening, and village/community screening. Child eye health promotion was incorporated into the training and screening program.
  3. Briefing and feedback project progress (e.g. achievement and problems) to relevant sectors such as BOH, BOE, and DPF on regularly so as to keep their interest in child eye health
  4. Inviting BOH, BOE, and DPF to present at important meetings such as project management workshop, annual review meeting, opening of training in screenings, etc.
  5. Conducting school eye health education/talks at parent meetings and student meetings twice a semester
  6. Publishing project news on websites such as national prevention of blindness and SiB V Shanxi Project
  7. Announcing screening related information via TV and Wechat
  8. Distributing brochures, leaflets, posters, and video on child eye health at hospitals, screenings, promotion events, etc.
  9. Bridging the gap between eye unit and Vision/Low Vision Center, rehabilitation department, special/inclusive education institutions so as to establish a closed cycle of referral system

These have all proven to have incremental impact on awareness of childhood eye health and may be replicable in many SIB projects.

Ms. GUAN Chunhong
[email protected]