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Scaling vision correction – the power of partnership Blog

VisionSpring has reached a huge milestone: The Clear Vision Workplace alliance has screened the vision of more than 500,000 people and dispensed nearly 200,000 pairs of eyeglasses. | Published: 25th October 2023
Delivering an equal right to sight Blog

Sharing news of new sight testing service for children with learning disabilities | Published: 20th July 2023
Spearheading change in access to assistive technology: the GREAT Report News | Published: 30th September 2019
Eyeglasses Improve Quality of Life and Work Productivity News | Published: 22nd March 2019
Optometry and research News | Published: 22nd March 2019
CharityVision: Celebrating 30 Years of Giving Sight Back to the Blind News | Published: 26th February 2019
Clearly links up with IAPB News | Published: 30th January 2019
Building Solutions: Reintroducing OneSight News | Published: 30th January 2019
The USee: Introducing Global Vision 2020 News | Published: 30th January 2019
The Global Disability Summit – Potential game-changer for disability inclusion, assistive technology and eye care News | Published: 24th August 2018
New research reveals glasses boost worker productivity News | Published: 25th July 2018