Achieving Scale: the real challenge for Optometry

Senior Vice President of Inclusive Business, Philanthropy and Social Impact
Organisation: Essilor
It is important on World Optometry Day we take stock of the relevance and impact of the Optometry profession. Many of us have spent years involved in various eye care projects and campaigns to increase access to refractive services, a key responsibility of optometric services. However the fact that there are still 2.5 billion people…

Celebrating International Days in March 2018

Membership & Fundraising Officer
Organisation: IAPB

IAPB members came together to celebrate not one but three International Health Days this month. International Women’s Day – 8 March Our Members came together on International Women’s Day to #PressForProgress and talk about the challenges they face while striving for Gender Equity in the Eye Health Community. Thanks to our Member and Patron contributors:…

Changing the way optometrists think about myopia

Head of Knowledge
Organisation: International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness

On World Optometry Day,  Judith Stern Global Manager of Academy, Public Health at Brien Holden Vision Institute and Selina Madeleine, Global Communications Manager on changing the way optometrists think about myopia. With the world shining a spotlight on optometry today, it seems an opportune moment to highlight one of the pressing global issues for our profession: the increasing…

The need for evidence in Optometry

Organisation: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

On World Optometry Day, Priya Morjaria on importance of research for optometrists. World Optometry Day is a unique day for our profession.  It is a reminder that even though globally we have different definitions of the profession, ultimately, we are all striving to provide comprehensive eye care services to all our patients in our different…

Suzanna is able to sew again

Inventor and Chairman
Organisation: OneDollarGlasses

On World Optometry Day, Martin Aufmuth inventor and Chairman of OneDollarGlasses shares a patient story to highlight the importance of glasses in people’s lives. “Finally, I can sew again” beams Suzanna Marciel and looks at me full of joy. Suzanna is 74 years old and lives with her 15 children, 54 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren in…

Optometry and Ophthalmology: Collaborating for Success

Programs Director
Organisation: CharityVision

On World Optometry Day,  CharityVision International‘s Programs Director Haleigh Cole Perry and Guiomar Said Malaver Benavides, Optometrist, Latin America Consultant on the need for collaboration between optometry and ophthalmology. As we celebrate World Optometry Day, we applaud all of the pioneers who have dedicated their lives to this science throughout the world. As we have both had…

Ensuring that everyone has access to eye care

Professor, Illinois College of Optometry
Organisation: World Council of Optometry

On World Optometry Day, Dr Sandra Block, Professor at Illinois College of Optometry writes on behalf of the World Council of Optometry on optometry and WCO’s mission to promote eye health and vision care. Once a year, the world celebrates the optometry profession on World Optometry Day. Our profession is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has…

World Optometry Day

Communications Coordinator
Organisation: IAPB

For all 2018 World Optometry Day stories click here March is full of health days that are important for eye care, and today (23 March) is no different: World Optometry Day. It is an opportunity to draw the spotlight on a key eye care profession and their critical role in tackling uncorrected refractive errors. Uncorrected…

Optometry – more than just eye care

Chair, IAPB School Eye Health Working Group, Global Programs Director, Our Children Vision, and Program Director, Child Eye Health & Low Vision, Brien Holden Vision Institute
Organisation: The Brien Holden Vision Institute

As eye care professionals, we all know that current efforts to address child eye health needs are falling far too short. Refractive errors, for example, are simple and cost effective to correct yet they continue to negatively effect the lives of millions of children worldwide. There are a number of reasons why care is often…

Let’s meet: World Congress of Optometry

Organisation: World Council of Optometry

Optometry is stronger today than it has ever been, and with this expanded recognition and role comes greater responsibility. The World Council of Optometry (WCO) understands this and is continually working toward an expanded presence for optometry in areas that need it most. The work of WCO’s Regional Partners in areas such as Europe, Africa,…

Optometry is compassion

Immediate Past-President
Organisation: World Council of Optometry

Optometry is defined as the professional practice of eye and vision care for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases and conditions of the eye and visual system–but it is so much more! Optometry is compassionate and comprehensive patient eye health and vision care. Optometry is the smile on a child’s face when they see…