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A Soul Searching Mission for Reducing Poverty and Gender Discrimination

Anirban Banerjee

  • Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital,
  • gender equality,
  • Gender Equity,
  • India
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YLP in Chennai


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India Vision Institute (IVI) – Young Leaders Program 2022

Shekhar Nambiar

  • India,
  • India Vision Institute
Training Course


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Online training for young ophthalmologists

  • He Eye Specialist Hospital
More about the WHO Eye Care Competency Framework


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Mitasha Yu

Mitasha Yu explains more about the WHO Eye Care Competency Framework (ECCF), a tool that will assist with maintaining an effective eye care workforce.


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A New Chapter in Vision Health in Brazil

  • Brazil,
  • Optometry
People screened


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Mapping the global optometry workforce

Jude Stern / Anthea Burnett

  • IAPB Vision Atlas,
  • Optometry,
  • Primary eye care,
  • refractive error,
  • World Council of Optometry


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Mapping of the Human Resources and Infrastructure on Eye Health in Ind...

  • India,
  • South East Asia,
  • VISION 2020 India