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Insight newsletter: a new look

With the change in the sectoral strategy, our monthly round-up has a fresh coat of paint!
Published: 27.09.2021

The 2030 in sight sector strategy marks a key development for the sector. It’s the strategy that will animate the sector this decade, much like VISION 2020: The Right to Sight helped bring the sector together from 1999-2020. The VISION 2020 newsletter was our monthly sectoral newsletter that brought news from across the sector and the IAPB membership together in one place.

With the change in the sectoral strategy, and with the new timelines, it is time our monthly round-up gets a fresh coat of paint! The monthly newsletter will now be ‘Insight’ and brings to your inbox key developments, grants, job opportunities and vacancies (like the new valued supplier scheme manager we are hiring currently), projects, events, and sector-favourites like our World Sight Day content and World Sight Day photo competition.

This issue of the newsletter will give you insight into what the new sectoral strategy is all about. We do hope that as the sector adopts the 2030 in sight strategy and rolls it out across their work, this newsletter will be a window into the change sweeping through the sector. Please do subscribe to the newsletter–and do encourage your colleagues to do so.