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Published: 17.12.2015

In this project, we monitored the project implementation regularly through monthly on-line meetings, jointly quarterly field visit & physical meeting, and the annual review.

Orbis CHEERThe project staff of four consortium NGOs and SPEH conducted quarterly field visits to each hospital at least 2-4 times a year based on each hospital’s performance. The quarter field visit focused on post-training assessment to eye care professionals; observation on trainings of screening, school screening, and school eye health education; checking data collection; audit equipment provided by the project and financial reporting; meeting with hospital leadership and the project team; etc. An issue list based on the previous project progress and the workplan were collectively prepared by the monitoring team to be used during the field visit. Each team member was responsible for a different part of the monitoring.

A post-visit feedback was jointly written and circulated for review then sent to the associated hospital, which usually included both strength and weakness of the hospital. SPEH would pick up valuable information from feedback to hospitals to combine into a list to share among project hospitals. Subsequently, the quarterly physical meeting was held among project staff of consortium partners. Sometimes, the financial staff were also invited to the quarterly meeting.

Two kinds of monthly on-line meetings played critical role in project monitoring. NGOs and SPEH discussed issues and solutions on the quality of project via monthly Skype meeting. This saved time &money and shorten distance despite of different language and time zone. SPEH monitored 18 hospitals to implement project through monthly on-line video conference and WeChat anytime if necessary.

The annual review conducted to every hospital in each December. It was followed by a face-to-face meeting attended by a director/deputy director and the project manager of each hospital, and project staff and senior staff of all NGOs. Officials from PBOH, PBOE, and PDPF were invited to the meeting. Achievement, problems and solution in the year were reviewed and discussed. The workplan for the next year was discussed and shared among NGOs and hospitals.

GUAN Chunhong
Senior Program Manager
Orbis International North Asia
[email protected]