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Eye Heath Data on the Africa Health Observatory

Published: 04.10.2018

Eye Heath Data on the Africa Health ObservatoryThe Africa Health Observatory (AHO), a product of the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Africa, is a web-based platform that serves four functions: a) Storage and sharing of data and statistics for elaboration; b) Production and sharing of evidence through the analysis and synthesis of information; c) Sustaining networks and communities, for better translation of evidence; and d) Supporting countries establish national or sub-national health observatories.

In 2014, an electronic survey to populate the Catalogue of Key Eye Health Indicators in the African Region was shared by WHO Afro with the 47 Member States of the Africa region.  Member states completed the survey and the data therein was validated at the Ministry of Health level and returned to WHO Afro. This eye health data has now been successfully been integrated into, and published on, the AHO.

There are three sets of indicators under the following headings:

  1. Indicators for trends in the magnitude and causes of visual impairment
  2. Indicators to monitor the development and implementation of integrated national eye health policies, plans, programmes and eye care services in line with WHO’s framework for action for strengthening health systems
  3. Indicators to address multi-sectoral engagement and effective partnerships to strengthen eye Health

The Catalogue of Key Eye Health Indicators in the African Region are also available on the WHO Afro website.  In 2016, a second round of survey was undertaken, the results of which are scheduled to be published on the AHO in early 2019.