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New Myopia Calculator for Practitioners

Published: 24.08.2017
New Myopia Calculator for Practitioners / Image: Myopia Calculator
Myopia Calculator/ Image Courtesy: Brien Holden Vision Institute 

Press Release: Sydney, Australia, 21 August 2017: A new evidence-based myopia ‘calculator’ developed by the Brien Holden Vision Institute will help support clinicians in communicating and educating patients in managing myopia appropriately.

The free, simple to use web-based tool runs on a range of electronic devices and merges individual patient information with different optical and pharmacological treatment options to illustrate the impact on their future level of myopia.

The tool allows practitioners to input patient age and level of refractive error when beginning therapy and select a treatment option. It then demonstrates the effect of the treatment on myopia progression, and how it is likely to progress without treatment.

The calculator has been developed as part of the myopia management programme being implemented by Brien Holden Vision Institute.

“We have a series of myopia projects to address a major public health problem of our times,” says Prof Padmaja Sankaridurg, Head of Myopia Programme at Brien Holden Vision Institute.

“We’re not only developing novel optical treatments for myopia management and conducting epidemiological research, but, through professional development courses and aids like the calculator, providing practitioners with the knowledge and tools to offer their patients the best evidence-based treatment options,” she added.

“Our online ‘Managing Myopia’ course, which was recently held for Australian practitioners, is now being conducted in the U.S. and India and will soon be translated for China.”

Access the calculator here.