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World Report on Vision to release in 2019

Published: 03.10.2018
Smiling patient after cataract surgery/ Mark Sissons/ Story: World Report on Vision to release in 2019
Smiling patient after cataract surgery/ Mark Sissons

The World Report on Vision was due to be launched on World Sight Day, 11 October. The WHO team have announced that the document has been progressing well, but there are some areas where work is still ongoing. So, in consultation with the Editorial Committee, the WHO have decided to delay the release of the World report on vision. They expect the delay will be for around 6 months and will provide an update on the timeframe soon. IAPB has been working closely with the WRV report team and we understand their decision.

The latest data from the Vision Loss Expert Group shows that our hard-won gains in reducing avoidable vision impairment over the past two decades are at risk. An increasing—and ageing—global population and projected increases in diabetes and myopia prevalence will overwhelm our health systems in the next couple of decades.

The IAPB alliance is supporting the WHO in developing the World Report on Vision so that it provides a framework to guide the eye health sector’s strategic direction for the next ten years. The report will aim to build momentum for eye health at all levels: global, regional and national. The World Report will also aim to assist WHO Member States in their efforts to reduce the burden of eye diseases, improve the lives of people with vision impairment, and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG target 3.8 on Universal Health Coverage.