Orbis International: Scaling up to meet the rising tide of diabetic retinopathy world-wide

Vice President, The Americas
Organisation: Orbis International

On World Diabetes Day, how Orbis International is scaling up to meet the rising tide of diabetic retinopathy world-wide… Global blindness and vision impairment will triple by 2050 due to the growing (as well as ageing) world’s population. At the same time, lifestyle changes are leading to the rapid increase in diabetes; a disease that…

Improving Accessibility to New Glaucoma Treatment Options

Assistant Professor, National University Of Singapore and Consultant Ophthalmologist, National University Hospital
Organisation: National University Of Singapore
For World Glaucoma Week, Dr Chelvin Sng on how just early diagnosis of glaucoma isn't enough in Asia and Africa to save sight and the need to improve accessibility to new glaucoma treatment options... Glaucoma is the leading cause of global irreversible blindness, and glaucoma treatment, generally, prevents progression of the disease by reducing eye pressure.…

Glaucoma’s Future in Asia

Ophthalmologist and Chairman
Organisation: Sight For All

In our fourth blog for World Glaucoma Week, James Muecke, an Ophthalmologist, an IAPB Eye Health Hero and Chairman for Sight For All,  writes about the need for training for glaucoma in Asia, highlighting what they are doing. James Muecke AM teaching fellows Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide and over half of the…

Tackling human resources for eye health challenges

IAPB Advocacy Manager
Organisation: IAPB

One of the most striking aspects I’ve witnessed on my visits to projects with IAPB is how committed the eye health personnel are, in spite of often having to work in extremely difficult and overstretched conditions. Whether in Africa, Asia, or elsewhere, it is evident how crucial all members of the team are to the…