The Fred Hollows Foundation Vietnam Child Eye Care (VNCEC) Project SCB staff volunteer day in Da Nang, Vietnam

Standard Chartered Bank staff help with eye screening for students

In May, staff from Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) participated in a volunteer day and cultural exchange at Nguyen Hue secondary school in Da Nang, Vietnam. SCB Vietnam Head of Corporate Affairs Mrs Trinh Nhu Quynh said: “We really enjoyed this meaningful and interesting event, from the beginning to the end. All the SCB members were greatly impressed by the students and teachers of Da Nang city!”

The more than 30 SCB staff members were warmly welcomed by the school with students dancing, singing and performing a creative presentation about a secondary student to raise the parents’ awareness on their children’s eye health conditions. SCB staff members were also impressed by the students’ expressive drawings on school eye health.

School Vice-Principal Ms Pham Thi Thuy Loan said: “Our students have prepared for this communication day for weeks. They excitedly took their initiative in practicing these performances. We feel so proud to show that our teachers and students were equipped with rich knowledge and understanding about school eye health; and we’re happy to be communicating these to others.”

During the event, SCB staff members also supported students in a group quiz about eye care. The event finished with an eye screening for students, with many SCB staff members volunteering their time to contribute.
This voluntary and exchange event is part of a cycle challenge called “Ride for Sight”, a fundraising activity conducted by SCB. The “Ride for Sight” finishes in Da Nang, one of the target areas of the “Viet Nam Child Eye Care” project, which is funded by SCB through the Seeing is Believing program. Under this project, many activities have been implemented to raise students’ awareness about school eye health, including the eye care communication day conducted at Nguyen Hue secondary school, which Mrs Quynh said, “has definitely marked a meaningful finish point of the ’Ride for Sight’ journey.”

Some photos taken on the day:

SCB staff dancing with students

SCB staff dancing with students


Students’ drawings on eye care

Students’ drawings on eye care


Hue Dao

Project Coordinator

The Fred Hollows Foundation Vietnam