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IAPB Europe activities between 2012-2021

Published: 12.05.2021
Janos Nemeth Ex-Regional Chair Europe

The 9-year-long period of the new IAPB Europe Board with the Chair of János Németh started in the IAPB General Assembly in Hyderabad, in September 2012. The Co-Chairs were invited in October: Nick Astbury, Sergej Branchevsky, Jan Keunen, Völker Klauss, Ivo Kocur, Serge Resnikoff, Petja Vassileva. Secretary was Erika Tátrai and later: Dorottya Szabó and Gábor Tóth.

The members of the Board of IAPB Europe met in Budapest in February 2013 to develop a five-year plan for advocacy and technical support in the European region.

The work was finished in June when the IAPB Europe Action Plan for 2013-2017 was approved by the co-chairs and the members of IAPB Europe in a regional IAPB meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. The objectives and actions of the WHO Global Action Plan were considered when writing our regional action plan as our main purpose in the near future is to help the implementation of the GAP at country levels all across Europe.

Read all the details in the document below:

IAPB Europe 2012-2021 v06