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Gender Equity Toolkit

The aim of this toolkit is to provide guidance, resources, tools and programmatic best practice examples to help eye health colleagues globally to plan and deliver eye health programmes that are gender sensitive, gender responsive and/or gender transformative.

Illustration of three women and one man looking at the camera, with the words Leadership, Programs, Training, Organisation Development and C-19 surrounding them

Why do we need a toolkit?

  • In many countries ​women do not get to access services and assistive products with the same frequency as men. Vision loss has far-reaching ​implications, not just for the women affected, but also for their families and communities.
  • The toolkit has been developed to address common barriers to equitable access to eye health services for women and girls. Tools are provided to address organisational development, programme design & review, training and COVID-19.
  • Our hope is that by using the tools provided, the global eye health sector will strengthen gender equity in our organisations and programmes collectively.

Please explore the sections below – all links are provided pro-bono by eye health peer organisations.

Please select the following tiles to access the toolkit. For questions on how to use the Gender Equity Toolkit, feedback or suggestions for new tools to include, please contact the Gender Equity Work Group Secretariat, Louisa Syrett.

PDF download

The Gender Equity Toolkit is also available to download as a PDF.

Gender Equity Toolkit PDF

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