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Published: 04.06.2018

Theme of National China Sight Day “correct myopia scientifically; care for children’s eye health/ Story: China National Sight Day 2018

The 23rd “China National Sight Day” will be conducted on Wednesday June 6th, 2018 with the theme “correct myopia scientifically; care for children’s eye health”.  All across China our members and friends will be taking part in activities to ensure that child-centred activities promoting eye health are a reality.

IAPB are proud to bring you comments and articles from our members, spotlighting their activities, throughout the week. Children’s eye health is increasingly seen as an issue of importance in China. Among the economically developed cities in East Asia, myopic students account for 80% to 90% in high school graduates. In some East Asian cities, 10% to 20% of secondary school students have developed high myopia. This is an increasingly serious public health issue and China is to be commended for using June 6 as an opportunity to turn attention to the issue.


2018年6月6日星期三是中国的第23个“全国爱眼日”,本次爱眼日活动主题为“科学防控近视;关爱孩子眼健康”。我们协会的成员和伙伴们将通过参与中国多个地区的各种活动,确保以儿童为中心的、促进眼睛健康的活动能够顺利实现。 在接下来的一周里,IAPB将很荣幸地通过我们成员的评论和文章,为您重点报道这些活动。中国儿童的眼睛健康正受到越来越多的重视。在东亚地区经济较为发达的城市中,高中毕业生的近视比例已高达80%至90%。在某些东亚地区的城市中,有10%至20%的学生在初中阶段就已发展成为高度近视。这是一个日益严峻的公共卫生问题。中国以6月6日全国爱眼日为契机,提升对这个问题的关注度,这是值得高度赞赏的。