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Focus on Diabetes to develop a deeper understanding of looming public health crisis

Published: 15.11.2021
Global Webinar

With millions currently diagnosed with diabetes and millions more predicted, diabetes is a looming public health crisis that we must take action against. Focus on Diabetes, an IAPB event, will bring together world-class experts for four not-to-be missed webinars to share insights into policy, practice, innovation and care.

“With Focus on Diabetes, we are encouraging attendees to consider ‘Access to Care’. Millions of people are currently living with diabetes, and the condition is predicted to increase. It is crucial that as a sector we develop a deep understanding to ensure everyone has access to the information and treatments they need to maintain healthy eyes and vision,” said Jude Stern, Head of Knowledge Management, IAPB.

We are excited to invite you to attend these important webinars and gain valuable insight into managing diabetic retinopathy.

What you can expect from this session: Learn the best strategies and systems to help activate and engage people with diabetes to look after their eyes and prevent possible vision loss and other associated risks.

What you can expect from this session: Learn how an integrated approach can help combat the disease burden of diabetic retinopathy and achieve the promise Universal Health Care and the Sustainable Development Goals.

What you can expect from this session: Learn insights on different models, lessons learnt and key recommendations on how to effectively implement integrated care including the DR Barometer community of practice.

What you can expect from this session: Explore possible innovations in diabetic retinopathy care and the immediate priorities to facilitate access to people-centred diabetic retinopathy services.

Also, as part of Focus on Diabetes we have compiled expert opinions from a few of the sectors best and brightest leaders.

Focus on Diabetes aims to raise the profile and agenda of diabetic eye disease. We look forward to you being part of the conversation.

Focus on Diabetes is made possible with support from Bayer, Vision Academy and DR Barometer.

Please note, owing to regulations and UK compliance, we regret to inform you that we are unable to share Focus on Diabetes content with our UK-based audience.