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Published: 20.08.2018

Press Release: Sydney, Australia, 16 August 2018: Brien Holden Vision Institute has launched its “Guidelines for Myopia Management”, an easy-to-use, practical tool developed to assist the busy eye care professional manage patients with myopia.

Available freely online, the guidelines provide a framework to inform diagnostic tests, risk assessment, appropriate myopia management options and scheduling follow-up visits and tests.

Prof Padmaja Sankaridurg, Head of the Myopia Programme at Brien Holden Vision Institute, says the guidelines have been developed with the latest evidence-based knowledge and will act to remind practitioners of the various steps they need to go through in appropriately assessing and treating myopic patients.

“I encourage practitioners to go to our website to view the guidelines and utilise them in their practice,” she says. “They are free and simple to use and we see them becoming a vital addition to myopia management practice.”

“The guidelines complement other resources we’ve developed to help practitioners meet increasing demands for myopia management skills, including our “Managing Myopia” online course and “Myopia Calculator”, both of which have been translated into numerous languages.”

CEO of Brien Holden Vision Institute, Ms Yvette Waddell, says the resources and practitioner education programs are part of a long-term strategic focus on myopia.

“We will continue to develop relevant tools, online education courses and other materials to equip eye care professionals with the latest evidence-based knowledge, while the myopia management market segment develops and grows globally,” she says.

To access the “Guidelines for Myopia Management” go to the following address and complete a one-off registration:

To find out more or enrol in the online “Managing Myopia” courses go to:

To access the “Myopia Calculator” go to: 

Image Courtesy: Arati Banset for #MakeVisionCount