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ICEH’s free online course on Eliminating Trachoma starts Jan 2019

Published: 15.11.2018

Story: ICEH's free online course on Eliminating Trachoma starts Jan 2019The International Centre for Eye Health and London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine are re-running the successful free online course on Eliminating Trachoma from January 14, 2019.


This course aims to inform and support the personnel implementing and managing trachoma programmes at a district and community level. Additionally, the course will provide insights from stakeholders, experts and professionals as they share successes and resolve challenges to achieve elimination of trachoma.

What topics will you cover?

  • Natural history, clinical signs and grading of trachoma
  • Evidence from global mapping of trachoma
  • Planning and coordination of trachoma mapping and control activities at community, district, national and global levels
  • Development of a Trachoma Action Plan
  • Public health approach for the control of trachoma
  • How epidemiological data provides guidance for interventions and setting local targets
  • Practical approaches for the four elements of the SAFE strategy to control trachoma: surgery, mass distribution of antibiotics, facial cleanliness and environmental improvement
  • S: strategies for community mobilisation, preparing patients, selecting surgical methods, managing post-surgical trichiasis and monitoring outcomes and outputs towards elimination
  • A: selection of antibiotics, distribution pathways, microplanning local campaigns, addressing barriers and managing coverage
  • F&E: Understanding influences on behaviour, situation analysis for F&E, assessing sanitation hardware requirements, identifying and engaging with appropriate stakeholders for water, sanitation and hygiene activities
  • Assessing the validation process for trachoma elimination
  • Monitoring and evaluation indicators of SAFE interventions for impact and surveillance surveys
  • Completion of the WHO dossier to validate the elimination of trachoma at national level

The course is available for a FREE UPGRADE courtesy from Study UK and the British Council! If you complete this course, those in eligible countries will receive a free Certificate.

Duration: 5 week course. 4 hours per week.

Register for the Eliminating Trachoma course here.