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Online Conference on Ophthalmology and COVID-19 in African units

Published: 09.04.2020
COVID-19 - IAPB CEO Updated

Conference starts Thursday 9th April at 10:00 am GMT / 1:00pm East Africa Time / 11:00am West African Time

To join the Zoom meeting, click on the link or paste this to your web-browser:

The International Centre for Eye Health (ICEH) and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) are hosting a collaborative online Zoom conference for ophthalmologists to share and discuss the most recent COVID-19 guidelines and protocols.

The conference is held at the kind request of the Chairman of the Ophthalmology Society of Kenya, and other VISION2020 LINK partners. There will be input and representation from the Presidents of COECSA and the RCOphth UK, faculty of the International Centre for Eye Health and other African partners.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Reducing eye care service and maintaining emergency eye care
  • Reducing transmission to patients and yourself in the clinic
  • Experience from different African partners
  • Question and Answer session

If you have questions to be put forward for the Q&A section please email these to: [email protected]

Notes on using Zoom:

Clicking the link above will allow you to join the meeting. You will be given the option of downloading the Zoom software, if you are able to do this it tends to work better. If not, you can still join through the web browser.

The Zoom meeting room opens at 12.15 EAT / 10.15 WAT, this is 45 minutes before the main meeting, to to allow people to get used to joining the meeting and using Zoom.

Along the bottom of the Zoom screen are some useful options such as turning the microphone and video on and off, and starting a chat.

Questions can be put forward in the Chat section. These will be collected together for the Q&A session. Please can we encourage you to use the chat function and avoid speaking unless invited to do so as otherwise the meeting will become unmanageable.

Please keep your microphone muted. This is very important as otherwise there is a lot of background noise. If you actually are speaking then don’t forget to turn the microphone on, otherwise no-one will hear you.

If your internet connection is unstable then try turning the video off.