WHO survey on training and upskilling needs for Health Workers

The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) is an alliance of civil society organisations, corporates and professional bodies promoting eye health through advocacy, knowledge and partnerships.
Organisation: IAPB

Through the WHO Academy, the World Health Organization is rapidly upscaling training via a number of digital, easily accessible learning applications. Please help them design and prioritise content and delivery methodologies that support and enable health workers worldwide boost their knowledge and skills related to the COVID-19 outbreak.  We ask that you share the survey,…

Addressing Childhood Blindness in South Sulawesi

Senior Program Manager- Eye Health
Organisation: Helen Keller International

Satyaprabha Kotha and Gwyneth Cotes on addressing Childhood Blindness in South Sulawesi… The Global Burden of Disease Study estimates that in 2010 there were more than 100 million cases of moderate and severe visual impairment (MSVI) around the world. In addition, 6.8 million cases of blindness occurred due to uncorrected refractive error (URE)[1]. Integrating vision…

Sharing the perspective: The school eye health programme in Viet Nam

Project Coordinator
Organisation: The Fred Hollows Foundation

The Viet Nam Child Eye Care (VNCEC) project, funded by the Seeing is Believing programme had set out its goal as: sustainable reduction of visual impairment in school children in Viet Nam. To achieve this goal, the project aims to improve the coordination between education and health sectors; strengthen capacity of school health staff and…

Public Health Optometry: Training a future Workforce in the Pacific Islands

Optometry is a relatively new profession that has evolved differently in different countries around the world. Currently, Optometrists around the world work in health care as the primary eye care physicians. They face incredible challenges and contribute towards the global eye health needs. The current scenario shows the natural need of Optometrists to contribute in…

COVID-19 — CEO Update

Chief Executive Officer
Organisation: The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to unfold at a rapid pace, I wanted to take this opportunity to get in touch. Many of you and your partners will be experiencing severe challenges during these uncertain times. It is our greatest hope that everyone in our community working around the world, in every capacity, are…

Setting up the Vision Catalyst Fund

The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) is an alliance of civil society organisations, corporates and professional bodies promoting eye health through advocacy, knowledge and partnerships.
Organisation: IAPB

A Vision Catalyst Fund (VCF) is being set up to support the creation and development of national scale, government-owned eye health services which are sustainably financed for entire populations. The venture’s founding partners include Standard Chartered, UBS, Essilor, James Chen and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness. The VCF will work in alignment…

Optometry beyond the 2020 call

International Optometric Consultant
I found myself in an awkward position being invited to write about Optometry for its international celebration – World Optometry Day.  Indeed, it seemed somewhat impertinent or perhaps even insensible to talk about anything other than the COVID-19 pandemic at this time. But it is in this same context, as I reflected on a question…

Early Rehabilitation of the Blind child as a continuum of care

IAPB Low vision working group, Sub-regional manager West Africa
Organisation: Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation

On World Optometry Day, Dr Anne Ebri, shares an inspiring optometry driven initiative to give children with low vision access to their right of education… Children who are born blind or who become blind at a very young age should receive special education as soon as possible. There have been campaigns to support schools to…

Primary care role of optometrists

Professor, Illinois College of Optometry
Organisation: World Council of Optometry
On World Optometry Day, Dr Sandra Block highlights the core primary care role of optometrists... First, I would like to congratulate all optometrists on World Optometry Day for all that you do to help people all over the globe to see better. Being that this year is 2020, everyone is focused on vision. The year 2020 provides us a great opportunity to publicly advocate…

Advocacy: Opening the Eyes of the World

Clinical Professor
Organisation: Indiana University School of Optometry

On World Optometry Day, Dr Don Lyon demonstrates the impact of strategic, well planned advocacy in eye health… The World Health Organization recently published the World Report on Vision. A sweeping document detailing the state of vision care on a global scale. The report indicates that globally there needs to be better accessibility and affordability…

“But where are the ophthalmologists (doctors)?”

Optometry & Primary Care Adviser |Knowledge & Innovation
Organisation: The Fred Hollows Foundation
On World Optometry Day, Dr Suit May Ho, celebrates the listing of optometry as a recognised profession in Vietnam, 10 years in the making... “But where are the ophthalmologists?” was the refrain as we toured a large contact lens specialty optometry practice in Melbourne, Australia with the Vietnamese Ministry of Health (MOH) delegation. “Over there,”…

Tackling corneal blindness needs skills, structures and sustainability

Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
Organisation: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gewebetransplantation gGmbH

How can eye banks and tissue donation organisations contribute to the prevention of avoidable blindness worldwide? This question was addressed by more than 300 tissue bank employees, doctors and scientists from over 30 countries at this year’s annual conference of the European Eye Bank Association, hosted by non-profit German Society for Tissue Transplantation (DGFG) in…

Advocacy Update: COVID-19 and WRV Launches

Head of Policy and Advocacy
Organisation: IAPB

Over the last few months, we have been working with a number of our members to raise the global profile of eye health and advocate for change at the country level. This has yielded some early successes; a draft eye health resolution (to be approved at this year’s World Health Assembly) and six country launches…

A Call to solve the vision crisis among school children

Organisation: Clearly

“There is no smile quite like the one that is returned from eyes that once more can see.” So says Sophie, The Countess of Wessex who hosted a hugely successful gathering at St James’s Palace at the end of February for an event organised by Clearly on behalf of the ‘Vision for the Commonwealth’ coalition.…

Live Report: Catalyzing glaucoma treatment and training in Ethiopia

Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Kellogg Eye Center for International Ophthalmology and Clinical Associate Professor at The University of Tennessee
Organisation: Kellogg Eye Center for International Ophthalmology

For World Glaucoma Week, Dr. Scott Lawrence, Kellogg Eye Center for International Ophthalmology (KECIO) reports from an active surgical outreach to alleviate blindness in Southern Ethiopia. A farmer carries his 3-year-old son into the exam room. Our cursory examination reveals enlarged eyes with cloudy corneas and elevated eye pressures. Undiagnosed and untreated congenital glaucoma remains…

Glaucoma Q&A with Dr Kham Od Nouansavanh

Regional Program Manager, Western Pacific
Organisation: International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness

For World Glaucoma Week, Drew Keys does a Q&A with Dr Kham Od Nouansavanh, the only glaucoma specialist practicing in Laos. Where do you work and what do you do? I work as an ophthalmologist at the National Ophthalmology Centre (NOC) in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. Currently, I am the only glaucoma specialist, who is…

Developing an affordable glaucoma drainage device in Indonesia

Managing Director
Organisation: Lions Eye Institute and Centre for Ophthalmology and Visual Science, UWA

For World Glaucoma Week,  Professor William Morgan on use of a glaucoma drainage device Indonesia… Glaucoma is the second common cause of blindness in Indonesia, with an estimated 330,000 bilaterally blind patients. The rate is approximately 7/1000 over the age of 50 are blind from glaucoma. The glaucoma prevalence rate is 5 percent with slightly more…

Glaucoma in Wales

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon (Glaucoma)
Organisation: University Hospital of Wales

For World Glaucoma Week, Wai Siene Ng on glaucoma in Wales… Wai Siene Ng is part of Allergan Foundation’s International Glaucoma Panel. Wales is one of the four countries which together with England, Northern Ireland and Scotland form the United Kingdom. Health care is publicly funded in the form of the National Health Service (NHS) and…