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Published: 28.01.2016

Seeing is Believing is excited to share the new SiB Impact Reports. Each SiB project produce these as a way to showcase what they have achieved

In Phase 4, Standard Chartered Bank invested $20million into 24 eye care projects globally, with a focus on urban environments. These Impact Reports give a clear overview of the impact achieved for this investment.

Across the Bank’s footprint, the different SiB projects all aimed to improve local, urban eye care services, with a wide variety of different foci and partners based on the local needs and services. But what is the impact in each location? How do the project inputs and activities result in a change to the quality and quantity of eye care services provided? How will the improvements to services be sustained?

As the Seeing is Believing Phase 4 projects have completed, they have produced a two page SiB Impact Reports to confirm the changes supported by the project, how this was achieved and how it will be sustained. We are pleased that our SiB partners are able to share the success of their projects in this clear format.

Seeing is Believing has found these Impact Reports useful as an immediate communication tool, as they distil the huge amount of information from final reports and project evaluations into this accessible summary format. They are also useful to communicate to people outside the eye care, health or NGO sectors of what can be achieved to improve eye health. And provide evidence for possible replication or scale up. SiB will produce more Impact Reports in the near future, as the Phase 5 projects also start to reach completion in 2016.

Click on the map points below to access the individual SiB project Impact Reports.

With contributions from Sally Crook, Programme Manager, Seeing is Believing.