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The Disability Action Plan at the World Health Assembly 2014

Published: 12.03.2015

It’s been heartening to witness the strong support for the “WHO global disability action plan 2014 – 2021: Better health for all people with disability” which was adopted at the 67th WHA this morning (Friday, 23 May 2014). Some 33 countries spoke, all to support the Action Plan, and the resolution, eloquently promoted by Ecuador, was agreed without amendment.

The Action Plan lays down an approach that will be strongly supported by members of IAPB and it was good to see some of the points raised by IAPB in the consultation period – such as the inclusion of eye glasses in the section on assistive technology and the strong references to universal health access. The challenge now will be to get some of the approaches of the Action Plan embedded in the post 2015 targets and indicators.