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Value for Money of Disability Inclusive Development

Published: 06.12.2016

The value of leaving no one behind

The Disability and Development Group of Bond, the UK membership body for organisations working in international development, has produced a paper making the case for inclusive and equitable considerations to be a core component of Value for Money (VfM) assessments.

VfM has recently risen up the agenda of development actors and is now a priority for many donor governments. Commonly understood as about  achieving the best possible impact with the resources available, VfM is often erroneously seen as being in conflict with disability inclusion due to the perceived higher cost per beneficiary of inclusive programmes.

The paper makes the case for inclusion and argues that interventions that exclude people with disabilities do not represent good VfM. It then provides practical guidance on how to assess the VfM of programmes in an inclusive way. 

Access the resource here.