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Published: 22.04.2020

IAPB’s CEO Peter Holland hosted our first COVID-19 webinar on eye health’s role and response during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Peter spoke to two key experts from the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr Alarcos Cieza, Unit Head, Sensory Functions, Disability and Rehabilitation and Dr Silvio Mariotti, Medical Officer.

During this discussion, the WHO team advised that in order to tackle this pandemic, the eye care sector needs to connect with governments and work within the national action plan.

A key recommendation made by the WHO for when we emerge from the current crisis is to ensure that eye health is integrated as part of the overall health sector service delivery plan. Integration is important now and it is critical to remain part of this strategy afterwards in order to have a voice.

Another key topic discussed was the role of tele-health in this current climate, and the importance of analysing data and processes to demonstrate what has been effective to share with the health community.

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