The Cataract BOOST Story

Director of Research and North Asia Strategy
Organisation: Orbis International

We published the results (open access) of the PRECOG study in the inaugural issue of Lancet Global Health. While visual outcomes of cataract surgery have usually been evaluated weeks or even months post-operatively, this study of 4000 patients at 40 hospitals in developing regions, where few patients return after their operation, demonstrated that assessment of vision…

Evidence gap maps developed by Sightsavers

Research Officer, Evidence Synthesis
Organisation: Sightsavers

The gap maps provide visual summaries of the extent and distribution of evidence on particular thematic areas A screenshot of the Cataract gap map by Sightsavers  This week Sightsavers have launched the first in our new series of evidence gap maps. The gap maps are an exciting new tool, originally pioneered by the International Initiative…